Dr seuss book trivia questions and answers

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dr seuss book trivia questions and answers

Dr. Seuss Trivia Jeopardy Review Game Answer Key

Being a child, who would have not fallen in love with his masterpieces creation of books specially written for kids and their parents to read out to them as Bedtime stories? Do you think you know Dr. Seuss really well? Think once again! Because we have catalogued below some really mind boggling Dr. Do challenge your friends and family the same! We are a team of enthusiasts who aspire to serve you by adding life to your everyday routine.
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Disney Trivia Game 1

You'll find Warren on the W page, of course. Seuss was his middle name, and his mother's maiden name.

Dr. Seuss Trivia Questions & Answers : Kid Lit Authors L - Z

Geisel had a dream about green eggs. Answer: Ebenezer? Create a Parade. Answer: The Christian bishop St.

Over A: Committed suicide. He is one of the most quoted authors in history. And how do you use a proper noun.

Select Show Ans: England. And we saw him. Select Show Ans: The teapot. So we sat in the house All that cold, cold.

A: At a hairdresser's and she urged her husband to sign him. At Oxford, who encouraged him to give up becoming an English teacher in favor of what. This book describes a birthday party in the land of Katroo. Seuss books and find it.

Select Show Ans: Cancer. Eyes Wide Shut. Close Search for: Search. Answer: Clarence Odbody.

The Anteater. The Cat in the Hat. This quote comes from "The Cat in the Hat. Select Show Ans: Jack-o-Lantern.

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This remarkable quote is from "Oh, the Places You'll Go! He is the Lorax, and he speaks for the trees! This quote is from "The Lorax," of course. This quote from "Cat in the Hat" reminds us to cheer up when we need to. Things always clear up and get sunny again. Sam-I-am is from "Green Eggs and Ham.


What did Geisel die of. A: Political cartoons, drawing over in two years as editorial cartoonist for the left-leaning New York City daily newspaper. Answer Pursuing drawing as a career. Select Show Ans: 24 September.

Here is another gem. A dense tropical forest. Ans: Horton. Select Show Ans: Pink.


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    Select Show Ans: Whoville. Select Show Ans: Seussical. Brown Can Moo. Ans: Seven.🤾‍♂️

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