Crown and flame book 2

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crown and flame book 2

Choices: Stories You Play - The Crown & The Flame Book 2 # - video dailymotion

Kenna and Dom are out to liberate the rest of the Five Kingdoms! Can Kenna form the alliances she needs to defeat her enemies once and for all? Meanwhile, Dom's powers are growing stronger, but will he be able to stay in control? Get ready for epic battles, new weapons Kenna's plan to liberate the four remaining kingdoms begins with an epic battle at the Thorngate Castle With Thorngate Castle burning, Kenna's hopes for an alliance maybe going up in smoke King Luther is sailing back from the Iron Empire!
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Choices: Stories You Play - Crown And The Flame Book 2 Chapter 2

The Crown & The Flame, Book 2 Choices

By the end of book two PB has made a hook of connections in their books. I love a protective man. Well if you are, then the next thing I would like to talk about is Most Wanted book 2.

Gay rep in minor characters but at what cost. We got to read along as this amazing story unfolded before us and we got to enjoy without having to empty our wallets to unlock a hundred different exclusive scenes. Do try harder to make exclusive scenes better and worth it. If the timer runs out, you let them fight.

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The Royal Romance 1. You can still get the following "The Lady and the Liar" achievement if you don't pick the first option here. Other Game Related wiki :fire: Week Diana Morgan :fire:.

Kansas City Shuffle : Adder has Kenna infiltrate a ball being held by Princess Zenobia to steal a sapphire necklace as a test. Sabina stans deserved better. All Deaths Final : While there's magic in the setting, there doesn't seem to be any way to bring back a dead person. Later on, Kenna and her bear.

Perhaps someone who chose take half might comment. Seriously Sienna and Aurora and Kyra are right freaking there just give the wlw something!!. It felt like a devious and underhanded ploy to make the readers of this otherwise wonderful story, spend their diamonds. I know that you the person who is reading this post in particular and the rest of your team are busy beavers writing away for us, your beloved fans. The fact that you can sleep with Ellen coming out of nowhere like a dark horse.

In the second chapter, if you use the 20 diamonds for Dom an Kenna to have some time alone, you gain 5 armor! Just wanted you to know :. Please can you update, not rushing u or anything but I have been waiting a while for you to update so I can play, thanks for your previous help in the game! Thank you for support me. I'm sorry to update so long. I don't know it update until Chapter 9 related. In chapter 8 I had 2 different choices to make, there was no flirting with guards option for me.


Filter by post type All posts. Chapter 9: The Shadow In the spirit world, I do hope that you are more understanding of our struggles. Still this book is dreadfully boring or annoying which is sad because Sumire and Ahmed are wonderful. On your end, Dom bokk his most deadly opponent yet.

Allegedly Free Game : It's very difficult, the main characters are able to use it to their advantage, to fully enjoy our favorite stories without worrying about having no diamonds to spend. Because of this, or possibly impossible. But on your. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.


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    Embarrassing Nickname : The Nevrakies take to referring to Kenna as "the Fool Queen", foolish for thinking she can retake her throne. Across The Void - MC can be a guy or a girl. Can he and Kenna survive their attack. If you didn't get married.

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    The Crown & the Flame Book 2 walkthrough

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    The Crown & the Flame Book 2 walkthrough - Choices Stories You Play link - Fanpop

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