Plants on top of bookshelf

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plants on top of bookshelf

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In this post: Struggling with how to decorate a bookshelf? Whoever designed this bookcase made it pretty easy on me because they broke the shelves up in a way that the shelving space on both the left and right sides is perfect for housing a single decorative accessory so for those it was one and done:. Choose books you can bring some color into your space by choosing ones with spines in your favorite colors or by wrapping them in a favorite fabric or you can keep things neutral by turning the books around so the pages show instead of the spines and add a decorative bookend. These are a few of my favorites:. The rope whatchamacallit on the bottom right of my bookcase would have worked well in that spot too!
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Published 11.06.2019

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Growing tired of a lifeless interior. Did you apply it in the traditional way or by another means. Imagine if that piece of art had not been hung above the cabinet. You are amazing.

Enter your name and email and get the weekly newsletter I think this was an awesome look. Designer: Jeffrey Bilhuber.

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Styling the perfect bookshelf is a mix of art and science—one that requires you to think about not only what it will look like but also how it should function. Vertically lined-up books are the default for library shelves, and for good reason: It makes looking for and pulling out books quick and easy. But for books that are meant to be decorative rather than continually reached for, try switching things up with horizontal stacks. Design by Pappas Miron Design. So take a page from these delightful shelves, which mix colorful toys and books with woven bins and baskets for tucking away clutter. Bonus points for using a stuffed animal or a toy truck as an impromptu bookend. Take cues from this decorator-favorite move and hang artwork or other wall decor in front of your bookshelf.


Add crown molding for a vintage look. Place your bookshelf in the center of the room to make it the star. Looks amazing. Water weekly.

Asparagus Fern Plant Care: The plant can handle partial to full sunlight and a varying water schedule. Make use of this hard-to-reach area and create vignettes that emphasize these items. Place sculptures on top. Expertly-decorated bookcases to inspire your next bookshelf-organizing endeavor.

If the bookcase ends several feet below the ceiling, it is possible to add decorative woven baskets to the top. I like to switch oh out seasonally and it takes sooooo long to get an arrangement I am happy with. How would you incorporate photographs into the space. Miguel Flores Vianna.

Design by Wesley-Wayne Interiors. Tour the entire home by Alex Papachristidis. Some of your tips will definitely work but wondering if you have any specific suggestions for shelves with visible sides. Greenery The easiest way to add interest to the top of a bookcase in a den or family room is to add greenery.


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    Expertly-decorated bookcases to inspire your next bookshelf-organizing endeavor. Plus, get more cool ideas for bookshelves. Design by Wendy Labrum Interiors. Design by Wesley-Wayne Interiors. 👳

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    12. Asparagus Fern (Asparagus Plumosa)

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