Booker t and shane mcmahon vs the rock

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booker t and shane mcmahon vs the rock

"WWE Smackdown!" Episode # (TV Episode ) - Dwayne Johnson as The Rock - IMDb

The main event was a standard wrestling match for the WWF Championship. Angle defeated Austin to win the title by forcing him to submit to the Ankle Lock. The professional wrestling matches at Unforgiven featured professional wrestlers performing as characters in scripted events pre-determined by the hosting promotion , World Wrestling Federation WWF. As a result, Austin retained the title. However, Angle interrupted the appreciation night and ruined it by entering in a milk truck and spraying milk on all the Alliance members. Austin agreed to defend the title against Angle in a rematch at Unforgiven. Angle then told Austin that he's still going in the water and proved his point by shoving Austin into the pool of water.
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The Rock & Y2J Make Fun Of Booker T, Rhyno, Stephanie McMahon Helmsley & Shane o Mac

The idea of a supercard featuring the two top promotions of the Monday Night Wars was considered to be a dream match scenario in the eyes of many fans, as it would allow the fans to see which promotion would be superior in storyline.

WWE: Power Ranking the Rock's 10 Biggest Rivalries in His Wrestling Career

These cookies track usage of the site for security, analytics and targeted advertising purposes. The fans love that. Angle with an elbow to the back of the head. Analysis: I thought it was an awful storyline.

X-Pac wit ha somersault plancha over the top to take out Tajiri on the floor. Tajiri went for a hurricanrana and Gock hit a sitout Powerbomb for a two count. Results 7-26-01". November 5.

Runnels and Raven eventually stole Moppy and destroyed it in a wood chipperwhich led to a match at Unforgiven. Functionality cookies: these cookies help us remember choices you have made mcmauon on our website, leaving the arena on his own accord, and personalize your Website experience. He later had his daughter escorted from the building by security with his s. Ross hyped up seven inter-promotional matches and six title matches.

View all CBB Sites. Kanyon was mcmagon the US Champion at the time, but that was treated as a joke title that he was gifted. In contrast, The Rock started using his version first. Booker insists that he came up with the move first but by all accounts.

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Booker sent Rock into the barricade again. Storm was on offense for most of it, the crowd got behind Edge with his comebacks and it led to an exciting finish. Angle hit a DDT on Austin. Find us on Facebook.

In truth, it got the intended pop. Test tagged in, elbow by Faarooq and Bradshaw teamed with Faarooq with a double team shoulder tackle. When the final comeback comes. It was a nice touch.

In short, Angle knocked Austin down. October 15, so it seemed obvious that was coming, the lack of all the biggest names from WCW and some counterproductive booking decision turned this storyline into a rofk mess! They battled by the turnbuck! The outcome was obvious because they kept saying that Jericho had never beat Rhyno before.

The Rock has certainly begun his resurgence in the pro wrestling community, and his upcoming match with John Cena is the icing on the cake. The pie eating, jabroni beating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, son of a gun became an icon with the numerous promos and feuds stemming from the late 90s and early s. Johnson has put on a plethora of quality matches and his promo work is almost second to none. Is it Triple H? Vince McMahon? Most modern fans have little prior knowledge of this rivalry. The two began a feud over the Intercontinental Champion in


Hardy climbed shanne the ladder for the first ladder climb of the match, so RVD jumped off the top rope and knocked Hardy down with a kick. Kurt Angle vs. That side included Steve Austin, a man Angle claimed knew how to win. Kurt Angle applied the ankle lock on Booker.

Kanyon came back with a clothesline off the top to knock down Undertaker. Hardy came back with a move where he hit a splash onto the ladder that led to the ladder hitting Shxne in the ribs. Every Royal Rumble of the s Ranked. But even so, it could be argued that the Booker T looked strong against one of the biggest superstars in the company.

Pre-match notes: Ncmahon titles were on the line. Views Read Edit View history. Of these wrestlers, everyone except RVD who was already cheered by fans despite being in the Alliance remained a heel after the Alliance. After a few minutes on the floor, they went back into the ring with Booker nailing a spinning heel kick for two.

It has been speculated that the reason for this was because Vince McMahon did not want the WWF to look weak while fighting the Alliance, as he worked very hard to put down his competition. That wasn't the true WCW. The Undertaker - 8. Tajiri went for a hurricanrana and X-Pac hit a sitout Hsane for a two count.


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    TJR WWE SummerSlam Reviews: (Austin vs. Angle, Rock vs. Booker T) - TJR Wrestling

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    TJR WWE SummerSlam Reviews: 2001 (Austin vs. Angle, Rock vs. Booker T)

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    Rock would retain the title against Rhyno. After Edge won the King of the Ring tournamenthis tag team partner Christian started growing jealous of him and insisted on carrying his King of the Ring trophy. The title was retired a few rocm later in November. Jericho attempted a Lionsault but Van Dam avoided the move.

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