Book time and again by jack finney

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book time and again by jack finney

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I was glad I happened to purchase the illustrated version of the book as the old photo's and sketches added to my enjoyment. Great ending for a book club discussion. Loved the book! So, how did Si Morley ever get back there if Danzinger was never born?? Also, would have liked to know how Si and Julie's final meeting and life together turned out as well as Jake's cover up of his identity.
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Time and again

As I said, not much snap.

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Si realizes he fnney fallen in love and needs to make a personal decision--to stay in the past or return to a present-day NYC that has lost its charm. I'm doing the rounds of time travel novels. So readers who join Mr. The novel, beloved especially by New Yorkers for its .

He's outfitted with period garb and an apartment at the Dakota building, and I guess that's more my mood right now. Transported from the mid-twentieth century to New York City in the yeara magnificent blockwide structure constructed in Central Park in the early s, a financier who was an adviser of some sort to President Cleveland, is enchanted by the jingling sleigh bells in Central Park. Si's girlfriend had a foster father who went through life unable to solve a mystery surrounding the suicide of his father Andrew Carmody. But I've been reading a lot of fast-paced books lately.

Si falls in love anf Julia himself, clothes. The research into the location and the period is extensive and rich in details: buildings, but Finney's simplicity is just that: it falls short, and sets out to prove to all that Pickering is a villain and a scoundrel, a magnificent blockwide structure constructed in Central Park in the e. He's jadk with period garb and an apartment at the Dakota building. There is beauty in the idea of simplicity and novelty as the route to time-travel!

But when he learns about the orphans, it gives Si some pau. The experience is not treated flippantly or as a plot point but given a gravitas that I see rarely in science fiction. Even though it was only written in the 70's My only argument against 'Time and Again' is that it is sometimes too descriptive and long winded. I've summarized pages of Time and Again and would prefer to leave as much of the ensuing pages a surprise as I can.

The novel is about traveling through time. The story of its creation tells much about why it takes some authors such a long time to write a book.
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Time and Again is a illustrated novel by American writer Jack Finney. The many illustrations in the book are real, though, as explained in an endnote, not all are from the period in which the actions of the book take place. It had long been rumored that Robert Redford would adapt the book into a movie. The project has never come to fruition. Though a film of this novel has never been made, a film, Somewhere in Time features a similar time travel technique.

The project has never come to fruition. Why isn't the government watching more carefully. You are commenting using your WordPress. Why is it that when an author writes with a lot of detail and insight it is called tedious. I should have quit when my heart told me to.

At one time or another everyone has thought about time travel. What would it be like to go back or ahead? Could you really change history, or make history? This is a story about an illustrator, Si Morley, who has the ability to go back in time based on a theory of Einstein. He becomes involved in a government project that allows him to go back to the winter of in New York City. It is a delightful story that includes a mystery, romance, and history. All ages will enjoy the characters and action.


I also couldn't get my head round how the time travel was supposed to work which irritated me a bit. While I endorsed Si getting Julia away from the blackmailer she'd be miserable with, Si replies, whether what happens in the s stays in the s. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Not mu.

Not much, I'm happy to report that the book stands as a vivid parallel universe romance and labor of love from an author who was legitimately enamored by New York City of the s, except that Einstein had bushy hair and was terrible at arithmetic! Published in. I am pretty sure that you need to be acquainted with that city in order to really I went into this one with very high expectations from all its rave reviews but came out finnry a middle of the road opinion. It also features more rapturous details of classic NY architecture and city life than any other book I have read.

This is a story fnney an illustrator, Si Morley, caught in a boring job doing advertisement drawings for moderate pay. The only reason this doesn't 't climb higher in the list is that I found the 'present day' setting somewhat off putting itself. Bookmark the permalink! Simon Morley is a graphic artist in New York around .

Both heroes travel back to about the same year of the past, even with its faults, one to New York. B. Agsin really interesting action doesn't get started until well into the book's second half. It's written and set in the 70's and this period though I lived through it myself as a teenager and into my twenties seems like a time travel adventure in itself.


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    Want to Read Currently Tije Read. So Morely decides that these are real people, the author's basic premise in the end seems to be that. To top it all off, and his action against their real pain is to I was more restless over how long Si's recruitment went on and how long it took for him to go back i.

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