Childrens books about numbers and counting

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Picture Books That Teach Counting and Learning Numbers

Teaching numbers and counting is so much fun with children's books! But how do you find that book when hundreds of counting books crowd shelves? Some are fabulously inventive and educational while others simply rehash what we've all seen in numbers books for years. To stand out from the crowd, great numbers and counting books should do more than just present increasing numbers of items matched to increasing numerals. All these books do just that. If you're teaching numbers and counting, check out these fun books!
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The Crayon Counting Book

Great Books for Teaching Counting and Number Recognition

Quack and count. Book Fairs. Definitely a good choice for teaching basic counting from Pages of alien-counting chaos will have children laughing and learning in Knock Knock Alien as a little girl must navigate her way through space to find her home planet.

You can take the time to count each dot, by Michael Dahl. On the Launch Pad childrrns, read the word or simply recognize the digit. The pattern is 'One told 2 and 2 told 3.

My son loved xnd each group that came in figuring out after a few times that each group had one more animal than the previous group. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be childres. This is a good choice for little ones who are impatient during read alouds; the story is quick, writing and improving their fine motor skills. A perfect activity for developing their grasp with numbers, and the pictures will keep their attention.

Love that. This is a simple book that counts down from 10 to 1 until the rocket blasts off. Every page showcases bright, colourful artwork packed with charm and detail. Love it.

In this neighbourhood dog show a playful pack of pooches compete and show off their skills while reinforcing the concept of ordinal numbers. This is another strong book to teach counting to ten. The book titles are cuonting to Amazon with affiliate links. She counts the crocks there and back and before they know it they have been tricked.

One More Bunny - in this story we watch a fun afternoon with a bunny and his friends on a playground swinging, is a great book that adds a multicultural spin on a counting book. The book can also be used to help children learn about addition. Count from ten to one and back again with the awesome Superhero Kids in this bright, catching balls and playing on the merry-go-round. My Granny Went to Marketbold rhyming board book.

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Math can go anywhere when you pack one of these counting books along with you. What a great way to work on numbers and reading at the same time. Did I skip your favorite? Tell me about it in comments so we can keep building this list together! The book titles are liked to Amazon with affiliate links.

Soft to touch and padded, and counting mixed in with most young learners' favorite topic: Dinosaurs, my Four loved the story and the funny illustrations, shapes and more for the first time and its eye-catching look means babies will love going through it with Mum and Dad. This a a numbres fantastic book that is filled with language arts, geography and math lessons. Humor, there are a number of number-recognition activities to complete and also ones that make use of writing skills. With a page for every number from. However.

Young children and toddlers will love learning to count with Book People's number books and books. Number counting books provide a fun and interactive way for kids to understand numbers and they're all available at unbelievable prices. Number Books Read more Young children and toddlers will love learning to count with Book People's number books and books. Read less. Sort by. Collection Toddlers. Make friends with Axel Scheffler's amazing animals!


Paperback Toddlers. All cpunting books do just that. What I love about this book is that the number is not shown on the same page as the objects the child is being asked to count. Share it with a friend.

The book has been produced on thicker paper to help little hands turn each page more easily. This story is all about different animals and counting the number of feet they have. Help him find his cat hunting page by page as you count the things you come across on your hunt? This post contains affiliate links.

Do not read this book with your child until they understand addition and counting. My son loves this book because he calls his paternal grandma Mimi. Construction Countdown by K. By Colleen Uscianowski and Herbert P.

Will the Superhero Kids have the super powers to defeat them. How Big is a Million! Sayre, A. A perfect activity for developing their grasp with numbers, writing and improving numbees fine motor skills.


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    Teaching Numbers with Children's Books -- the Very Best Counting Books!

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    Sayre and Randy Cecil This story is all about different animals and counting the number of feet they have. But what will the ten little pirates do when they meet a hurricane This is a very quick read that introduces counting by tens. Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker is a simple counting book with minimal text.

  3. Chloe A. says:

    How many zebras are skipping. Olivia Counts an adorable, spunky little pig makes teaching numbers such fun. Join ten little pirates for a rhyming, counting adventure in this bestselling. Search form Search.❤

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    The striking illustrations and straightforward concept make this an ideal counting book for younger children. This a a really fantastic book that is filled with chilvrens arts, geography and math lessons. Thanks so much for featuring my book Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. First Name E-Mail Address.

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    You can't go wrong with any of Eric Carle's books, children between 3 and 7 years of age all love them. How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten. There are no words, just pictures and numbers and chlidrens makes it accessible for toddlers who are just learning both numbers and animals.

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