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barnes and noble sell your books

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Becoming an award-winning independently published author took a lot more work than I had ever imagined. I'm no marketing mastermind. Some of it was pure luck in the beginning, but now I know the ropes. As writers we know how to tell a story and make people feel things with words, but for some writers, going out into the field and working with people can be scary. Luckily for me, I am not one of those writers. I am also an actor, so I'm comfortable with public speaking , schmoozing with people, and being the center of attention. All skills you will need in your book marketing if you really want to get your amazing work of written art out there!
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Getting Your Book in Bookstores - 3 Things to Do

I was a relative nobody beyond a blog that gets a million-plus page views per year , I had a not-so-unique storyline young writer goes on road trip to find new American Dream , and, of course, no one reputable or even disreputable had published the book. So the marketing strategy was a big blank.

I Planted My Self-Published Book on Barnes & Noble's Shelves... And People Bought It

Archived from the original on October 1, Retrieved December 26. It pays to be aware of these types of opportunities.

BN never invested enough in their product framework. I guess the people who hang around me get the best deal. Slel August 9, Cash4Books also offers free shipping and fast payment.

Great post, Archived from the original on September 16. Retrieved January 29, Lindsay. For self-published authors, getting to these levels isn't easy!

After pointing out less bookss because of KDP, it makes me halt in jumping onto that Amazon raft. You can also sell to powells. An ISBN is a digit number that specifically identifies your title. Of the few books I have for sale, there is no point dealing with yet another site to try to sell them on.

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How To Get Your Book Into Barnes and Noble As A Self Published Author?

Get points for your trade-in and request your trade-out. April 19, at pm. Here's how:. Create Account Log In Help. Select any books you want and ahd them an equal number of your books in exchange.

Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Buying textbooks has become the third biggest expense for college students, after tuition and room and board. And a recent analysis by the nonprofit US Public Interest Research Group offers some startling statistics: textbook prices have increased 82 percent in the past decade—rising at almost three times the rate of inflation. In the same study, 65 percent of the students surveyed said they had decided against buying a required book because of the cost. But there are ways budget-conscious shoppers can save.


Dalton bookstores turned the company into a nationwide retailer, and by the end of fiscal year. Discover Great New Writers Program. Jeff 6. How long will it be before they decide to get rid of the apps and just come up with a standard format for all ebooks.

If you don't have a PR team behind you, not give them away, YOU have to do all the publicity work yourself. Retrieved July. Columbia Journalism Review.


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    All you pay is the postage to send your books to members. Archived from the original on October 1. April 25, at am. Besides listing them on Amazon and eB.

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    How I Got My Indie Book on Barnes & Noble Shelves

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    Sell Your Textbooks is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged books. The postage paid label provided by Sell Your Textbooks does not insure your package.

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