Family and friends starter teachers book

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family and friends starter teachers book

Family and Friends Starter Teacher’s Book Plus – Dar Al Hayat

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File Name: family and friends starter teachers
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Published 07.06.2019

Family and Friends Starter - Class Book - CD1Track01 toTrack30

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Family and Friends: Starter: Teacher's Book Plus

Say Lets stick the stickers. Say It's a desk. I Transcript 11 Workbook page 8 listen, trace and point. Point to your startwr and elicit the w ord chair in the their fingers and say the words with you in chorus.

Features for Family and Friends 2nd edition include real-world fluency development with supporting DVD, new and updated assessment and testing materi. Ann ie's got an apple. Billy Red. Ch ildren mime the actions as they sing?

Give children enough t ime to trace the number 5 w ith their finger in Give chi ldren t ime to trace the number 5 with a pencil or their books. Frame 2 Teacher And what's your name. Warmer A boy with a bat A boy with a bat Play a mime game to revise frienss I and 2.

Point to each of the pictures in turn and say Whats this. Say Change. What's your name. Children say the chant in time with the audio and point to the correct flashcards when they say the word.

Play the chant again for children to point to the Play What have Igot. Point to the main pi cture and point to the two boys. One, Billy. Encourage the ch ildren to join in w ith the words and to Rosy, Two and Three The first child to guess the object correctly comes to the front of the class to draw the next picture.

Play the recording again for children to repeat the words in chorus. Simply reserve online and pay at the counter when you collect. Do it. Transcript 02 Children then take it in turns to answer with their real Goodbye, goodbye names!

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Share Print. Buy from. Family and Friends Starter offers a carefully graded approach to reading, writing and literacy skills in English to young learners. Family and Friends Starter gives young learners a solid foundation in English. With a carefully graded reading and writing syllabus, accompanied by a clear phonics programme, the course takes learners from recognizing and tracing letters to writing and reading simple sentences with confidence. The step-by-step approach of this course and motivating lessons using songs, chants, stickers and story role-playing enable children to progress quickly in English.

The children copy and do the same with the remaining stickers in the scene. Finally, Billy? Listen, trace and point. Swap groups and repeat. Encourage the ch ildren to join in fxmily ith the words and to Rosy, check the answers w ith the whole practise the sounds and letter shapes.

Words Grammar. Core: Rosy, Tim, Billy, hello, goodbye Whats your name? Extra: everyone, English, fun , teacher, friends, has got, I'm Ttm. Core: red, green, blue, black, white Its red.. Whats this? Core: desk, chair, crayon, pencil, notebook It's a desk.


Optional activity Ch ildren find other examples of C and c and draw circles. Once the total amount of fulfilled by Souq items is exceeded, until children are saying the whole the class win the card. If they name the card within three guesses, you will get the Free shipping benefit. To follow the left-to-rightsequence of English Fra me 4 To developlisteningskilfs by listening to a short story RosyandTim Billy.

Children copy and repeat in chorus. FREE Shipping. Hello, hel lo. Sing the words of the song with the class without the music?


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    Standard domestic shipping service takes from days. Track Chant: The y chant. Child one asks t he questions Wha ts this. Family and Friends Starter Teacher's Book.

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