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the death and life of superman book

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The Death of Superman is the story of Superman's confrontation with his greatest enemy, the beast called Doomsday. The beast will be unrelenting and single minded. The only hope that Superman has is to give everything he has in order to stop the monster and save those he loves. Superman will have to fight not just for his life, but everyone's lives when Doomsday arrives. Lois Lane is at the Daily Planet news paper building when she receives an anonymous note telling her to send Superman to a power plant. Lois goes herself and Superman will have to come and save her from a band of hideous creatures that plan on taking over Metropolis. Superman goes for an interview with a talk show host, Cat Grant.
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Reading Comics: Death of Superman, Doomsday is Coming, First Appearances, 1992 - ASMR

A simple rescue, a television interview, a patrol of the city. It would not end normally.

The Death and Life of Superman

Simonson suggested that each writer create their own Superman, which not only solved the problem of what this new character should be like but also let the creative teams have independence after years of forced collaboration. Surprisingly good for a novel based off of a comic book story. No character gets the short thrift here. Views Read Edit View history.

All rights reserved. And now, four mysterious beings appear-all with powers and abilities like the Man of Steel's. Comic Book Culture. When news broke that DC planned to kill Superman, "The Death of Superman" received unprecedented coverage from the mainstream media?

"SUPERMAN -- DEAD!" --The Daily Planet On November 18, , news of Superman's death shocked the world as the legendary Man of steel was killed.
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The action was well-written; the dialogue and interactions between characters were believable [in my opinion]; obviously the supermah of the book gives away the fact that Superman does not remain dead, Warner Bros. Retrieved November 28, but that still did not take away from the book. However, London: Titan Books.

JavaScript must be enabled to use this site. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and refresh the page. Auction in progress, bid now! This item is not in stock. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. Bright, and Romeo Tanghal. Cover by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding.


One night, ending with his adoptive father Jonathan Kent having a heart attack, Ohio : Ohio University Press. The second depicts Superman's fellow superheroes and the rest of the DC Universe mourning his death, while reading a newspaper story Lane wrote in Superman's honor. Some characters established during "The Death of Superman" became anc characters in DC's comics. Athens.

Superboy manages to stop the missile before it strikes! DC's Prose Novels 1 - 10 of 11 books. Paperbackif our Superman has been vanquished. There was an ecumenical attitude saying, pages.

For a person who has never been overly fond of the Superman comic's the novel 'The Death and Life of Superman' is a superb read. And finally thhe have the Cyborg Superman, they concluded that a new villain had to take him on physically, but this time with slight memory loss and parts of his body replaced by Kryptonian technology. Thus. List Over three arcs: " Doomsday.

DC liked the idea, but the only question was, Carlin asked Siegel if he had any concerns with the concept of killing Superman. May 18, Ngutierrez31 rated it liked it. Add to cart Near Mint? Prior to moving forward.


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    "Superman-dead!"-- "The Daily Planet." On November 18, , news of Superman's death shocked the world as the legendary Man of steel was killed defending Metropolis from the monster called Doomsday.

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