Travell and simons trigger point book

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travell and simons trigger point book

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The Frozen Shoulder Workbook. Clair Davies. Author Clair Davies' own case of frozen shoulder led him to undertake an extensive study of trigger points and referred pain that eventually resulted in his best-selling Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. Now this renowned bodywork expert and educator revisits the subject of frozen shoulder with The Frozen Shoulder Workbook, offering the most detailed and comprehensive manual available for this painful and debilitating condition, a useful resource for self-care-with and without a partner-and for bodywork practitioners looking to expand their treatment repertoire. Frozen shoulder, the syndrome name for several joint and tendon-related symptoms, is experienced as a loss of motion and pain in the shoulder and upper arm. It is most often observed in women between the ages of forty and sixty and individuals with type-two diabetes. Unlike traditional medical treatments for the condition, which rely on painkillers, steroid injections, and physical therapy and often do little to moderate symptoms or speed recovery, trigger point therapy can bring real and lasting relief.
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Myofascial TRIGGER POINT therapy after GONSTEAD Chiropractic Adjustment

Myofascial Trigger Points Then and Now: A Historical and Scientific Perspective

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By David G. North Coast Medical. Login For Professional Health Care users, please login to view your discounted pricing, make an instant order and view your supply lists. Featured Products. Click an image to enlarge. Pin It. All treatment sections include a number of Trigger Point release techniques in addition to spray and stretch.


Myofascial trigger points: the current evidence. Some critics have harshly criticized conventional wisdom about them. I love these classes. Pressure Positive is a family owned company that has been making self-treatment tools for decades.

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