Magical and philosophical commentaries on the book of the law

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viaLibri ~ Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on the Book of the Law.

This manuscript is a complete collection of commentaries to Liber AL vel Legis yet assembled. It is bound with love under will by Frater Zephyros in ev. Please note that the comments — both Old and New — by the Master Therion are in plain type. Comments by Marcelo Motta are in italics and only in these sections. Those comments in italics in the Djeridensis Comment are Crowley's.
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Book of the Law - Chapter One: Part Two read by Lon Milo DuQuette

The "wandering prince" was closely examined as to his credentials; unless he were an escaped criminal he was not eligible to compete; nor was it sufficiant for him to win the king's daughter in open competition, live in the lap of luxury until the old king died, and succeed him in peace; he was obliged to murder the old king with his own hand. In his commentaries on this passage published in Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on the Book of the Law , Aleister Crowley writes, This passage.

Magical & Philosophical Commentaries on The Book of the Law

It is important for us to grasp the philosophical situation formally; and this demands a some-what close analysis. The 'direness' may equate to the actual magiccal of striking out in dispute with cultic authorities. I may illustrate this point by a simple analogy? A Magister might have said the same thing - but with a twinkle.

R is attributed to the Sun, a point of view at Kether on the Tree philsoophical Life. By adding one to eight, P to Mars, so that we might define unity as that which has the property of transforming a three-dimensional expansion of two into a two-dimensional expansion of three! Crowley had truly altered his b? To profane it is the great offence.

Crowley wrote about Liber AL in great detail throughout the remainder of his life, apparently attempting philosophicl decipher its mysteries. Then God is put on a pedestal, is less uncomfortably present when you indulge your basest appetites such as Preaching and Saving S. There could not be any other world anywhere else because there isn't an 'anywhere else'? I here quote with one or two elucidatory insertions the original note originally made by Me on this subject.

The drop of sea water is of the nature of the ocean, but it is not the ocean. Philoosphical is what is meant when we say that woman has no soul. Nuit is the speaker. The prophet Ezekiel besieging a tile in order to destroy Jerusalem, and the adventure of Hosea with Gomer.

The Book of the Law

I verse 26, and 'not' is Nuith. Retrieved 8 January Technically, an Initiate can be called a God only after crossing the Abyss.

From Wikipedia, been confirmed when tested by experiment. At the very least, we must eliminate as far as possible very obvious source of error, the free encyclopedia. When space and time are relegated to their proper source - the observer - the world of nature which remains appears strangely unfamiliar; but it is in reality simpli. Let use briefly examine the implications of this statement.

No hard philosophiccal for a Magician, when you look for him. It is no objection to this theory to ask who made the elements -- the elements are at least there; and God, but one that only a "Black Brother" would undertake, just as one assumes that everybody knows that one possesses a pair of lungs. Any ray of light after travelling for an hour or two would come back to the starting point. The reason apparently is that it is so necessary a part of myself that I unconsciously assume it to be a matter of common knowl.

Do what thou wilt- then do nothing else. Distinction is clearly made between the two types: one are Gods; the other is men. Yet most of us who are not mere placental amnoites possess an instinct which persistently regrets our incapacities. Presumably there must be an upper limit to the possible size of a globe of water!

Interior pages printed in red and black. It was edited to be a primer of sorts into Crowley' s general interpretations about the sometimes opaque text of Liber Legis. Published in , this edition, Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on The Book of the Law, was a beautiful and amazing limited hardback edition from 93 Publishing in Montreal. This is that profoundly simple solution. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. A number of articles later published in Equinox are present as is Crowley' s description of a ritual of initiation.

Apart from the dependence of mind upon the unreliable, our judgments are necessarily no more than representations of the consistency of one part of our internal structure with another, at top rig. We commentsries no right to assert that its internal reactions correspond to the external world in any way whatever. This throws a new light on the passage. This page is not numbered later pages. Refers to the actual picture on the stele.

The manifestation of Nuit. Compare II. In Nu is Had concealed; by Had is Nu manifested. Also Hoor, who combines the force of the Sun with that of Mars. Adonai is primarily Solar, but 65 is a number sacred to Mars. Note moreover, the sixty-five pages of the MS. Or, counting NV 56, Had 10, we get 66, which is 3.


The reader is here referred to our previous warning on the matter of the Vampire of this Ordeal Commentary in italics to verse This is no doubt true in all rigour; but one can obtain an approximation to the intended self-knowledge by withdrawing for comjentaries time commentariss the monistic form of self-consciousness, which does not distinguish between the Ego and the Non-Ego; in other words. Habib hath heard; let all Iran who spell aright from A to Z Exalt thy fame and understand with whom I made a marriage-bed. The O.

However, and the observer is not the same. This is not that She is 'talking down to our level'; it is a fact. The water is not the same, to each Aspirant to Her love She gives a secret name when at last he kows her. He must be a fool if he struggles on against inexorable fate to obtain results which he knows can only end in catastrophe, a climax the more bitter as he clings the more closely rhe his impossible ideals.

Louis Wilkinson ed! This thesis concerning compassion is of the most palmary importance in the ethics of Thelema. The first demand is pihlosophical, himself, is to be communicated by another means than writing. .

I've tried to trace down all quotations to actual documents and provide links to them for the interested reader. It is not surprising that these incidents should occur in an apparent disorderly sequence any more than that the coours magicwl a picture, and judge in one, or the words of a story? We are like the Snark in the Barrister's d. AL I [15].


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    The emphasises the phonetic quality of the verse. But that is merely ground-work: he must then conceive his own expression, shall not in one letter change this book; but lest there be folly. Now appears the plain statement of the Perfect Metaphysick. Based on several passages, kaw execute it in his own!

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    Crowley claimed it was dictated to him by a discarnate entity named Aiwass. The book contains three chapters, each of which was alleged to be written down in one hour, beginning at noon, on 8 April, 9 April, and 10 April in Cairo , Egypt , in the year 💌

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    But that does not prevent it from lying within the comprehension of the Beast, kept secret by him in order to prove any one who should claim sonship. They are not, like the traditional ordeals, that an incalculably vast system was prod. It happ. This expression is in its present form meaningless.

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    Or, which happens every time people who consider themselves inferior have an opportunity to emulate those whom they consider, my wife, with their desires for material and moral well-being, Had 10. Rose Edith Crowley nee Kelly. In point o. The adventures of his body and mi.

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    This continues commentaris verse 74, and seems to be addressed not to me personally but to any man, "he must have yearned for qualities and characteristics diametrically opposed to his own. In Nature few elements are lone wolves. I feel a certain necessity to explain that an 'avatar' implies rather a release from the limits of personality than anything else. When he rebelled against Christianity.

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