Oracle sql questions and answers pdf

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oracle sql questions and answers pdf

Oracle, SQL & PL/SQL - Computer Science Questions & Answers

A single query or command execution A full programming language What does it comprise? The data source for reports, web pages, etc. An application language to build, format, and display reports, web pages, etc. Characteristic Declarative in nature Procedural in nature Used for Manipulating data Creating applications. It is used for:. Any constant, variable, or parameter has a data type depending on which the storage constraints, format, and the range of values and operations are determined. The compilation process includes syntax check, bind, and p-code generation processes.
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Top 65 SQL Interview Questions and Answers - SQL Interview Preparation - SQL Training - Edureka

Our SQL Interview Questions blog is the one-stop resource from where you can boost your interview preparation. It has a set of top 65 questions which an interviewer plans to ask during an interview process. It starts with the basic SQL interview questions and later continues to advanced questions based on your discussions and answers.

Top PL/SQL Interview Questions and Answers

Non-Correlated subquery : This query is an independent query where the output of subquery is substituted in the main query. There are various types of joins which are used to retrieve data between the tables. Float Raw Data type. Can you email me complex SQL queries of all topics from beginner level and advanced levelplease.

Hai, can you please give some more queries on joi. The process of turning redo log files into archived redo log files is called archiving. I will send you Queries on your mail id. What is MySQL.

Thanks for helping us. Answer: Yes, A View is based on another View. The differences between the clustered and non clustered index in SQL are :. Trigger in SQL is are a special type of stored procedures that are defined to execute automatically in place or after data modifications.

A procedure is used to return multiple values; otherwise, it is generally similar to a function. Each table can only have one clustered index. Which of the following is a type of Subquery. What is archive-log and No archive log mode.

Read More. Several SQL statements are consolidated into a stored procedure and execute them whenever and wherever required which saves oraclw and avoid writing code again and again. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar. Thanks in advance?

May be i am missing something, so want to clarify. Join is a keyword used to query data from sl tables based on the relationship between the fields of tables. You are correct chintan about 14th question. Tables store data that represents one type of entity.


SQL Aggregate Functions calculates values from multiple columns in a table and returns a single value. It is used to ensure that the data transactions are processed reliably in a database system. You can rollback data after using delete statement. Answer: Set of rules that restrict the values of one or more columns of the tables based on the values of the primary key or unique key of the referenced table.

Query within another query is called as Subquery. If all values in the list are null, then the coalesce function will return NULL. WHERE Clause: This clause is used to define the condition, extract and display only those records which fulfill the given condition. Display the answeers of employees whose names have second alphabet A in their names.

Answer: Oracle Database is a relational database management system RDBMS which is used to store and retrieve the large amounts of data. Oracle Database had physical and logical structures. Logical structures and physical structures are separated from each other. Answer :Oracle database is the collection of datafiles,redologs and control files while Oracle instance is the SGA ,processes in the Memory. We can have 1 or more instance serving a oracle database.

Answer: Yes, a table can have many foreign keys and only one primary key. Display department numbers and total salary for each department. Hi sir. It is True if rows are not fetched. We can modify the package in one module and then reference those changes to another module.

PL SQL is a procedural language which has interactive SQL, as well as procedural programming language constructs like conditional branching and iteration. Cursor is a named private area in SQL from which information can be accessed. They are required to process each row individually for queries which return multiple rows. It then opens a cursor, gets rows of values from the active set in fields of the record and shuts when all records are processed. It is used for : 1 Audit data modifications.


The outer query is known as the main query and the inner query is called the subquery! From basics up to questions asked on advanced concepts of SQL have been also covered in this article. Could you please share me that. How to easily find the database startup and shutdown pcf using sqlplus.

What is Normalization in SQL and what are its types. What parameters are used wuestions set parallelism in the database. Thanks Anup for comments. It is used to hide information from unauthorized users.


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    WHERE Clause: This clause is used to define the condition, extract and display only those records which fulfill the given condition. An alert is a window which appears in the center of the screen overlaying a portion of the current display. Wnswers data manipulation, create cursors Home Testing.

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    Display the dept information from department table. Display the details of all employees. Display the name and job for all employees. 👲

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    Top 50 Oracle Interview Questions and Answers . A privilege is nothing but right to execute an SQL query or to access .. Download PDF.

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    Top Oracle 12c New Features for developers. Hi, Can you kindly provide complex sql question with answer and also provide SQL beginner level and advanced level questioons and tables to practice. Scalar functions return a single value based on the input value. Every redo log file has both a log sequence number and low and high SCN.🤷‍♀️

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    Top SQL Interview Questions You must Prepare For | Edureka

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