The lion and the rabbit pdf

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the lion and the rabbit pdf

Clever Rabbit and the Lion

Post a Comment. One day, the unfortunate animal chosen was a rabbit. He was really afraid of dying so instead of going to the Lion at the appointed time, the rabbit waited until after lunch. The Lion was very angry when the rabbit eventually appeared and demanded to know why he had arrived late. The fearful rabbit told the Lion that he had been late because there was another lion in his kingdom who also wanted to eat him. He had been hiding from this other lion!
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Book#36 The Clever Rabbit and the Lion English

Short Story ” The Hare and The Lion” Complete Story for Class 10, Class 12 and other classes.

But the thought of another lion in the jungle made him angry. The lion was very angry that no animal had come that day. This lion has bigger paws and sharper claws!. They lived in the constant fear of being killed.

About Vision Website Inauguration Function. The hare humbly replied, "On my way. Because he had devised a plan. He was very powerful and strong.

Much more than documents.

What is the moral of the above story. Oh no, youre not. I have a plan. The meeting is not over?

That was the end of the lion. Post a Comment. It was deep. When they were close to the water, the rabbit suggested to the King that he creep up very slowly and look over the edge of the bank.

He looked into it. One day it was the hare's turn to go into the lion's den. To his surprise when the King did this he saw another lion in the water looking up at him. All animals started to obey this order.

We can't, said Clever Rabbit. DEER: Let him speak. Designed by Short Stories.

Another lion looked back. We're small and weak. Your email address will not be published? What is the moral of the above story.

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He lives in there, I happened to meet another lion in the jungle. He told a plan. The hare humbly replied, said Clever rabbit. Role-Plays Short Stories.

When the King heard hhe he ordered the rabbit to take him to the other lion. I n order to please the king. He had been hiding from this other lion. The hare stood up.


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    DEER: He really scares me!. Where are you all. The hare took the lion to the old well. Youre small and weak, said Lion.

  2. Ivana M. says:

    Yes, because he was able to trick the lion into fighting himself. It was very deep and dangerous. The hare replied, sir please come with me". We're safe.

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    Post a Comment. DEER: Let him speak. He told a plan. I will go and talk to the Lion.

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