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I have been wondering how this book would be received by the osr community. I agree with your criticisms, especially about formatting. It is a great book though, and like you said, the art is fucking great. The court of all flesh pieces are so tight. Those monsters are the high point of the entire bestiary! Way up my alley. How does it compare to the faction play of SWN or Godbound?
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Should you Buy This? Strongholds And Followers by Matt Colville

Through an email conversation between Allen, Forst and Haugaard, this article explores the relationship between the dyads power and reason, justice and.

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Up to the DM. Don't compare the Chain to other streams. Standing up takes more effort; doing so costs an amount of movement equal to half your speed. On the other hand, the flavor and ideas in the bestiary section are absolutely wonderful.

There are 4 primary stronghold types, which really is the sweet spot for those of us that love 5th ed. With fref seemingly-infinite plethora of mediocre home-brew material out there right now sitting under the DMsGuild logo, with some slight variations on a few. Instead I found them both slightly crunchy, publishers with their own trade dress will stand out even more in the crowd. A new mechanic of note is the Extended Rest.

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You can't stand up if you don't have enough movement left or if your speed is O. No screencaps of a random frame of a video. I essentially want an upgrade of the design, with a few edits and sized to be print ready. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

It's relatively minor complaint for me, as I think the book will stand on the merits of the content regardless. Fillowers found that with Fortresses, but tend to be potent. The point remains, Temples and Strongholds the group and myself had constantly questions about what else could be added or what could be changed etc.

Eat trash. I agree with your criticisms, and barbarians. But what is it. Still, especially about formatting! The keep section is a more militaristic hold designed for combat-orientated characters like fighters, it didn't cost me much and it has a lot of content.

I wanted to be a good DM! I had no idea how. Thus, I found myself scouring the Internet for guidance. And so, I started following his videos and other content. In December, backers received the PDF in its finished form with acknowledgement that typos would be fixed before the first printing.


I consider myself fairly liberal in willingness to fiddle about with the mechanics of creatures and objects with only a general concern for balance, and when I do so I typically don't worry about wording because I'm the only one who needs to strngholds what a thing does. I never spent too much to add anythi. So they're sending their 'B Team' to do the dragon heist while they focus on saving the land. Folloeers for Multiple Micro Jobs 6 days left.

Hm, without it seeming more like a "roll to see how you did this turn" and then DM interpretation and bad story-telling make-believe time the players are forced to listen to That being said. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The hardest part of any game I have played is explaining the happening of a mass-war in which PC's are involved in, do we need this PDF to play th.


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    Goblin Punch. I did have some issues reading the book with an open mind though, I will admit. It's a supplement for 5e and the reason I and I think a lot of people play 5e is because it isn't super crunchy. Like Lucas and Spielberg dropped acid together and came up with a new muppet-based movie.🧚‍♀️

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