Computer hardware troubleshooting questions and answers pdf

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computer hardware troubleshooting questions and answers pdf

Hardware and networking multiple choice questions and answers pdf

This section Contain all the relevant topics listed under computer science engineering questions and answers. The answer is NO because a computer needs both hardware and software to function. What are some examples of computer peripheral devices? Read-only memory is a high-speed buffer. Computer fundamentals study guide with questions and answers about applications of computers, commercial applications, central processing unit and execution of programs, communications. EVMs Electronic voting machines , most types of magnetic computer storage devices e.
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Top 20 Common PC Issues with Solutions

To get clear idea on Computer Hardware Interview questions and answers we provide complete details on Mac OS X TroubleShooting Interview Questions.

Basic computer troubleshooting

When considering outsourcing, the printer starts working again. Once you plug in the USB cord, what should firms ;df sure to avoid. Answer : Socket LGA. Thanks for bringing this to notice Reply.

Voltagesupplyincompatible The second set of registers will be pre-loaded with the troubleshootung needed to execute the second thread, so the CPU core can begin work immediately. Digital Marketing Skills. The beep code may vary depends on the manufacture of BIOS.

Computer Hardware MCQs Questions and Answers with Pdf

Active directory authorizes and authenticates all users and computers in a window domain network, ensuring the security of the computer and software. Through active directory various functions can be managed like creating admin users, connecting to printers or external hard drives. DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol. It is used to allocate IP addresses to a large number of the computer system in a network. It can be used to communicate with the other PCs in the network. The superscope becomes when you combine two or more scopes together.


Pentium The top Pentium processor is the Pentium 4 Prescott. Provide an example for a hardware associated with each operation of the five basic computer operations. Thanks : Reply. These general awareness quiz objective questions answers include mcqs on cell address, consolidate etc.

Voltage supply incompatible What Is An Interface. Question 2. Online quiz on computer hardware, specs.


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    Computer Basics: Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

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    It is highly costly. Answer : A heat sink is a component used to lower the temperature of a device. What is form factor of motherboard. You need to install another Hard Disk with the latest anti-virus software, and an O!

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    Computer Hardware MCQs - Quiz Questions and Answers - Online Computer Basics MCQs

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    + TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers

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    COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers pdf free download,objective troubleshooting questions,multiple choice questions,lab viva,online quiz,test.

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