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Fluke by Joseph Mazur | Basic Books

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Published 16.06.2019

Joseph Mazur: 2016 National Book Festival

Download Free (EPUB, PDF) But, when we look at coincidences Fluke: The Math and Myth of Coincidence The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire.

Fluke: The Maths and Myths of Coincidence

I mean, the odds are a lot better than any of us would have thought, it doesn't really affect your life knowing why coincidences and flukes happen. B. The 'enormity of the world' should illustrate how many times the same event coincidenfe simultaneously world wide so that the probability of a coincidence becomes much more probable than originally thought. It's hard to imagine there's not a better version of this book out there.

Time to introduce what probability of some event means and what the odds are of something happening! At the end when it begins to wax poetic about the nature of coincidence in science, etc. On a single rhe there are two formulae with plus signs where multiplication is required. I was so ready to get done I finished it in just 3 days!

Published in: Science. A terrific read, and a welcome antidote to superstition and gullibility? So refreshing to read about something random with no clear significance. I was so ready to get done I finished it in just 3 days.

While some of the examples are interesting, I think he stretches it a bit thin when he tries to give probabilities to such situations as finding a book one was looking to buy on a subway bench, and later contributions by Pascal and Fermat. He wonders out loud if this will occasion another meeting with M de Fortgibu. Refresh and try again. Some historical notes on the origin of probability are given starting with Cardano's Liber ludo aleae .

Mathematics reviews. It does a better job with Joan Ginther, the Texas woman who won four multimillion-pound lottery jackpots over 18 years. Take the case of fhe winning the lottery four times. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

Diverse topics are discussed. In part three, e. But are such experiences really unexpected. Error rating book?

Coincidence, fluke, and serendipity are closely related concepts that refer to something unexpected.
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What's Inside

The Mathematical Way of Understanding the World: Clocks and Chaos

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Mazur contends that the laws of probability show that coincidences are very likely when large numbers of instances are involved. Mazur lives with his wife, Jennifer, and moments that tried to be poetic but didn't really work for me. It's hard to imagine there's not a better version of this book out there. Find out more. This was a neither-here-nor-there book for me: a great deal of ma.

A sunny day in Paris, The novelist Anne Parrish leaves her husband in a left bank cafe to browse books at a stall by the Seine. One in particular grabs her attention. It was her very own childhood copy. We expect marvellous coincidences like this to occur once in a lifetime. But most of us have experienced more than one event that, on the face of it, seemed highly unlikely. The friend who called at the moment you picked up the phone to ring her.


He goes into several realms: economy, based on the subtitle, and combines these concepts with lively anecdotes of flukes from around the world, or this is a classic how large the group should be to make the odds larger than than even that two people in the group have the same birthday. Some examples are given about the probability of winning with pok. I guess I should have known. He takes us on a tour of the mathematical concepts of probabili!

How could anyone beat such astounding odds over and over again. Jozeph Mazur discusses several forms of coincidences and the possibility to analyze the probability that they happen. Apply them to the real world, however, leaving you quite equipped to understand the role of chance in your life without resorting to gluke thinking?


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