Clay B. Marsh, MD

Clay B. Marsh, MD, leads the academic health sciences center of West Virginia’s largest hospital system, a state hit hardest by many public health challenges – most severely, the opioid epidemic. He has engineered new ways for West Virginia University to take the lead on the crisis that’s ravaging much of the population it serves, specifically by addressing its root causes: economic anxiety and alienation. To that end, Dr. Marsh has recruited scores of the nation’s top doctors and scholars to relocate to West Virginia; is working to reduce WVU medical student debt through innovative curricula that gets medical students to residency more quickly; addressed a Congressional caucus; and has emerged as one of the most eloquent advocates for the need to overhaul the way the country addresses addiction.

These efforts have won Dr. Marsh national acclaim and have helped him secure over $50M in funding from the National Institutes of Health for WVU and other institutions throughout his career. Dr. Marsh has long concentrated his work determining how to help individuals stay healthy and creating ecosystems that make it easy. As vice dean for innovation at The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, Dr. Marsh established OSU’s IDEA Studio in Healthcare and Design. He holds more than 20 patents or patent disclosures, serves on national scientific advisory committees for organizations such as GlaxoSmithKline, and is a fellow in the American College of Physicians and an elected member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation.

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