Gregory P. Licholai, MD, MBA

Dr. Licholai is Chief Medical and Information Officer at PRA Health Sciences, a leading pharmaceutical service, healthcare data, and contract research provider. He also teaches at Yale School of Management, is Co-Director of the Center for Digital Health, and contributes to Forbes. Previously, he was President, Rare Diseases at Moderna Therapeutics; President and Chief Medical Officer at Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals; and a partner at McKinsey & Co. where he ran the healthcare data service line. He has also served as a senior executive at Proteostasis, Amicus Therapeutics, and Medtronic Neurological, and as a venture investor for Domain Associates. Greg is co-founder of Immunome Therapeutics.

Greg has degrees from Harvard Business School, Yale School of Medicine, Columbia University, and Boston College. He trained at Brigham and Women's, Children's, and Massachusetts General Hospitals. He serves on multiple company and non-profit boards including as advisor to the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI), a public private partnership co-founded by Duke University and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He writes about innovation in healthcare for Forbes.

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