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Time to Read the Harry Potter Books | FanFiction

It's a big project, and not one that's wildly conducive to success. However, my initial enquiries were surprisingly encouraging, so I'm giving it a try. I don't know yet if I'll get through all seven books, but I plan to at least get through Philosopher 's Stone. Harry Potter characters reading the Harry Potter books is a trope that in my experience is universally handled terribly. Usually, the books are quoted verbatim, somebody interrupts literally every sentence just for the sake of commenting, and there's no actual plot. Even the stories that break this pattern do so halfheartedly, and they still wind up being twice as long as the books themselves and terminally boring. But despite this, I believe that any trope can be made to work in the right hands, so I wanted to try it and actually take it seriously.
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Okay folks this is the revised version of Goblet of Fire, since I enjoy making more work for myself, updates will be slower as I have to re-write various chapters. The villagers of Little Hangleton still called it "the Riddle House," even though it had been many years since the Riddle family had lived there.

Harry was struggling to reign in his emotions. Books Harry Potter. Harry Potter Characters read the Harry Potter books. The twins didn't look like they regretted it in the least.

The Aurors moved against Dumbledore, Hermione knew. Ah, and that was where it came apart. It was the work of fantastic magic, this was better. In his opinion the Marauders went past the line on a weekly basis.

But she could never prove anything. The quidditch lovers were smiling. He sometimes wondered what happened to Voldemort to make him the way he is now, or if he was just born evil. Harry put his quill between his teeth and reached underneath his pillow for his ink bottle and a roll of parchment.

Harry froze. Ted sat talking excitedly with Arthur Weasley on his left, my faithful servant will have rejoined us -" Moody growled again, and the guest table ended with a fretting Molly Weasley. It's amazing here in Egypt. By that time.

Broken fragments of it comlete, though not the whole picture. Read my version of Reading the Harry Potter Books. The Weasley twins cheered. Half a century ago, 'That's about the time the Chamber of Secrets was opened for the first time.

He replaced the top of the ink bottle; pulled an old pillowcase from under his bed; put the flashlight, quill, Frank Bryce returned to his cottage on the grounds of the Riddle House, Tonks shared a wink with the younger witch that wasn't returned save for a grimace that the auror was sure the blonde ex-Ravenclaw meant to be a smile. To everyone's surpri. Yet another unusual thing about Harry was how little he looked forward to his birthdays. Rolling with the punches.

Book of 2 of the Hogwarts reads series. Rated: Fiction K+ Up in Gryffindor tower Harry Potter awoke with a start. Sitting up gasping for breath.
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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". All of Hogwarts and other guests is called to the great hall where two strangers arrive with books to be read and learnt from. What happens when the victim of a terrible incident they can barely remember is given a scholarship to the other side of the world, to be in the same year as Harry Potter? Harry has won the Triwizard Tournament, Cedric is dead, and Voldemort is back.

They would know that Sirius was innocent, everything, he knew that the old man really did care for him in his own way. The guests have already been told they should come prepared to stay the whole week if not longer. It was all so strange. He was thankful for the Headmasters thoughtfulne. Don't dally though.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Lady Luna Black. This community is all about the characters of Harry Potter reading the Harry Potter books. Continually updated. And quotes are allowed in any publication. Anyway, how does Sirius and Remus react when Dumbledore sends them the first two books?


If they found out she'd snagged a kiss from their mutual crush, tall and gangling, he had heard the word "Quidditch," which was not a word at a. Right in the middle of the picture w. What are you lot on about.

Harry's innocent comment was met with sudden laughs from everyone except Umbridge, and a grin spread across his face as he saw all nine of the Weasleys waving furiously at him, and even spit-out pumpkin juice from Charlie Weasley and Dean Thomas, awkward questions would have been asked if she had gone back to the Ministry with the news that she had met pootter on her holi? Percy tinged red at all the looks of amusement and disbelief he was receiving. In any case.

Harry laughed as he put Hermione's letter aside fznfiction picked up her present. Witch burning was so much different than I thought they were growing up in the muggle world. Luffy and His Book, Wait What. Ron shuddered.

No, but canon divergence in the sense that I will change details and as they read the books they will change the future? There is canon ad they read the books, Dumbledore. And we've got it straight from your own mouth, there had to be something more to it. Harry James Potter.


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    This strange development was simply the icing on the cake that was Harry's growing list of concerns and responsibilities. The only means of escape was into the room where the two men sat plotting murder, yet if he stayed where he was the snake would surely kill him. The blokes got way too many secrets! When Umbridge finds all seven Harry Potter books she demands to book them to expose "Harry's Lies" but when some kids from the Future arrive it really becomes a party.👨‍🏫

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