Steven Ratliff

Steve Ratliff became addicted to prescription drugs while in his 20s, after injuries sustained on his job. He remembers juggling multiple prescriptions given to him by different doctors, and even bought pills off of the street and considered robbing a drug store when he was desperate for the medicines. He says committing himself to the program at Chestnut Ridge was “the best decision I ever made.”

“The program, Suboxone, and support finally made me realize I was an addict,” Ratliff continues. Now 63, Ratliff credits his wife, God and Dr. Berry and his team for making it possible for him to celebrate eight years, one month and 27 days of sobriety as of May 16, 2019.

Ratliff is proud of his progress and the relationship he has with his family today. “There are so many people in this state that need help,” he says, adding that if more programs like Chestnut Ridge’s were available, there would be less crime and more addicts would find jobs and be able to contribute to society.

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