The devil you know book review

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the devil you know book review

The Devil You Know by Trish Doller

The Devil You Know tells a harrowing tale about Evie Jones, who at age 21 is working as a reporter for a local Canadian newspaper. Eleven years prior, in , her best friend, Lianne Gagnon was abducted and savagely murdered. The alleged killer, Robert Cameron, is presumably still at large and living under many assumed names. Now, in , Evie is grown and lives on her own in an apartment in a seedy area of Toronto. The past comes back to haunt her when she is assigned to report on the recent killings of two local young women. David Patton, whom she met at age 12 when she babysat for him, is now her closest friend and confidant. Evie is only two years older than David, yet the two have become tight over the years.
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The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know by Terry Tyler – Book Review

April always has a book on hand. Is it safe?. They unceremoniously dispose of their virginity before it is stolen from them, and view their anxiety as a gift to keep them safe from monsters. The title of the book lacked originality.

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The Shadow Commander

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Author Information Biography? Sentences form endless paragraphs of this happened and then that happened followed by boring dialogue and then more repetitive narration. Customer help! When the tears finally stop.

In my free time I can be found binge watching The Office with my husband and baby, spending way too much time on Bopk or exploring my neighborhood. Cadie has a serious case of wanderlust and I absolutely find myself thinking girl I know that feel. Like Crazy The title of the book lacked originality.


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