Tony Buettner

Tony Buettner is a national speaker and the senior vice president of Business Development at Blue Zones. One of Tony’s primary tasks is that of project manager for Blue Zones Projects; his work encompasses strategic planning, operations, and the facilitation of successful implementation of all Blue Zones Community projects. Tony brings direct knowledge and insight of the Blue Zones expeditions, research, and insights into those populations to help them live longer and better.

His experience gained on expeditions with Dan Buettner, his brother, and his over 30 years of world travel bring pertinent expertise in the understanding of health and wellness as it relates to populations and cultures. As a featured speaker at such events as The Aspen Institute and Estes Park Institute, Tony performs at around 80 events per year.

Tony’s day-to-day responsibilities at Blue Zones offer deep insight into the research that forms the foundation for the product development and implementation of the methodology behind the Blue Zones Projects. This interaction brings deep-seated understanding to how Blue Zones interfaces in six sectors of communities: policy, worksites, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and with individual engagement. His background in quality management systems complements the rigor and thoughtfulness necessary to develop a scalable product model, as well as one that can be sustained in the Blue Zone Project communities.

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